Difference Between A Thesis And A Dissertation

Thesis and Dissertations are almost use interchangeably in academic world and cause a common confusion as they are synonyms. Thesis and dissertations are similar in the way they are structured but that does not make the two the same thing. Many people debate over the idea that what difference would it make to understand the internalizes when you have to compose the same structure! That is a very naive and a bit careless approach when you are conducting research for you masters or PhD degree and you are unaware of the main difference. Continue reading

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Beginning With Writing Assignments

Starting with academic writing from a senior year is a good practice to prepare yourself for future writing endeavors. At this level, most of the students face difficulties in choosing an undergraduate dissertation topic and having it approved. One most common objection encountered is that the topic is too broad. Continue reading

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Preparing Dissertation Proposal

Title Page

The title page must include the basic conventional title page information such as your name, advisor’s name, date of submission, submitted authority as well as the thesis title. The thesis title must be clear, precise and self-explanatory. Phrase structured titles have a deeper impact than sentences structured titles. Continue reading

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4 Language Issues of United Kingdom Students

Although there are hundreds of issues of students studying in uk but issues related to language are as follows:

1. Language barrier:

According to the government survey, economy of Britain has badly effected due language barriers. According to Nickr brown a business leader English language helps in purchasing but it is not the perfect language for selling. Language barrier is also a hurdle for international students who want to write nursing dissertations for their postgraduate studies.

United Kingdom Students

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Swansea University Students Research Report About Sex Industry

According to a research report, one in every 5 students usually thought about participating in sex industry as a research project.

Uk is a hub of world class universities where students from all over the world come to get higher education but unfortunately to bear their expenses, many of them fall in sex industry.

uk university

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UK Universities Representatives Will Visit Brussels For Research Funds Issue

According to our resources, around 50 universities of United Kingdom are visiting Brussels to protest in front of policy makers for the issue of funds.

Professor Steve smith who is VC of Exter University also represents a group which is feared about the future of Europeans union 2020 research fund.

uk-university-students-on-campus Continue reading

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