4 Language Issues of United Kingdom Students

Although there are hundreds of issues of students studying in uk but issues related to language are as follows:

1. Language barrier:

According to the government survey, economy of Britain has badly effected due language barriers. According to Nickr brown a business leader English language helps in purchasing but it is not the perfect language for selling. Language barrier is also a hurdle for international students who want to write nursing dissertations for their postgraduate studies.

United Kingdom Students

2. Youth Is Putting off English Language Learning:

Youngsters claim that English language is difficult to understand so many of them are leaving the learning. They also know very well that languages are beneficial for understanding cultures, making new relationships and for career growth.

3.Language Helps In CV Building

Languages are a tool to boost your career by highlighting your skills in your resume. Expert recruiters suggest that English language is beneficial for learning. A professor of Oxford University used to say that language learning is a dry process until it includes culture, communications and intellectual challenges.

4. Speaking Multilanguage Helps In Cross Culture Communications:

Speaking more than one language sometimes causes division and discrimination. According to a representative of university counsel of modern languages multi languages literature can help in benefiting cross cultural communication.


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