Preparing Dissertation Proposal

Title Page

The title page must include the basic conventional title page information such as your name, advisor’s name, date of submission, submitted authority as well as the thesis title. The thesis title must be clear, precise and self-explanatory. Phrase structured titles have a deeper impact than sentences structured titles.


Abstract is basically a summary of your Thesis Proposal including the problem statement, the significance of your study, the methodology you will adopt and the technicalities. It must not be greater than 350 words.


The index or table of contents must contain all the necessary headings of your document page wise with subheading indented.


Dissertation Proposal

This is the part where you gain or lose the reader’s attention. Here you explain the general concept of your research in a way that any reader with little knowledge can understand it thoroughly. Start with a broad picture and then make your way to your key point or the questions and aspects your research is all about.

Literature Review

Literature Review is the part where you explain the previous studies and researches held in your area in a critical context. You not only summarize the literature readings here but you also provide a critical assessment of these; how they were inefficient or incomplete and how your study is going to contribute for the completion or effectiveness of the previous researches.


Here you explain the methods you will adopt to conduct your research. It must explain or suggest why you are adopting an alternative approach than your peers or previous researchers and what technical advantages your methodology is going to bring. Limitation of your methodology and any particular approvals required are also included in this section of Dissertation Proposal.


Here you set appropriate milestones and devise a practical deadline for each. You have to organize and conduct your research in a way that you will be able to produce it at the end of your term. Make realistic estimates and use chart or graph to show to your readers, like, Gantt Charts.

Expected Results

Since you have not started the research right now and just preparing the proposal, there are not gained results but you must elaborate the expected results here or what you are going to achieve with you report.


If the proposal contain eight or more references than mention them in this section; else, just mention the references within the lines using parenthesis or any other approach you like but be consistent with it till the end.


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