Beginning With Writing Assignments

Starting with academic writing from a senior year is a good practice to prepare yourself for future writing endeavors. At this level, most of the students face difficulties in choosing an undergraduate dissertation topic and having it approved. One most common objection encountered is that the topic is too broad.

This is no wonder how undergrads always end with the most open topic. Here we provide with a brief overview of the factors that expand the scope of a topic.

A usual comment by the teachers and advisors is that the topic is too open. A topic is too open when you are just following the instincts and interests and fail to compromise. Compromise is essential in topic selection to ensure that you can fulfill your aims within the given timeline. Compromising on topic never means to cut your topic short into some nonsense research question but trimming if efficiently retaining the sense and viability of the research question.

Before locking your undergraduate dissertation topic, be sure that you have the access to all the resources that you want to utilize in your research such as, the people or data or the facilities necessary to conduct the research. Sometimes, it also happens that the research question does not agree with or unable to be completely supported by the theories or concepts established. This is the sign of your topic being theoretically weak. It does not necessarily because of the poor research quality but it may be due to the reason that your topic is too broad scoped or over ambitious.


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